Keeping our Children Safe

  • Enhanced background checks for all gun purchasers
  • Getting military grade weapons off of our streets and out of our schools  
  • Provide the funding, resources, and support to properly and effectively combat the street gangs and crews that have taken a hold of some of our communities
  • Work towards finally putting an end to the opioid epidemic

Making Progress a Priority

  • Healthcare for all
  • Smart, viable, and sustainable economic development
  • Strong funding for education
  • Provide real tax cuts for middle class families

Preserving the American Dream for All

  • Protect our DREAMERS and provide a real pathway to citizenship once and for all

Protecting our Environment

  • Fight to prevent the elimination of the Environmental Protection Agency
  • Keep our air and waterways clean
  • Reduce airplane noise    

Fighting our Increasing Cancer Rates

  • Based on recent studies, communities in our district face double the national average rates of Cancer
  • Fight to increase the funding for Cancer research
  • Work towards the eradication of Cancer in our lifetime


  • Fix our transportation infrastructure
  • Bring reliable transportation options to the Rockaways that extend throughout the district 


  • Fix the Veterans Administration and ensure that our Veterans get all of the support, help and resources that they need
  • Eliminate the red tape for VA housing and home loans 
  • Ensure that all Veterans services are attainable and reachable by all Veterans and their families


  • Bring our jobs back NOW!